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Our painting courses are held in our large well equipped studio, walled courtyard and peaceful gardens, as well as in the beautiful countryside and quiet villages surrounding the farmhouse.


Kevin Dean

Watercolour, Acrylics, Gouache and all forms of drawing

Having taught drawing and painting in universities, workshops and schools in the UK and around the world, Kevin believes that an individual's confidence, is of as much importance as their painting skills. Fostering confidence and encouraging people not to be afraid of failing is one of Kevin's keenest interests. He offers a mixture of stimulating exercises and informal classes along with individual tutoring, his approach is both gently encouraging and inspiring - always delivered with a sense of humour. Kevin has several styles and has worked on a wide range of creative projects, he works in various mediums, including oils and printmaking but watercolour is a great favourite of his. He enjoys painting with spontaneity and expression but all with a lightness of touch.You might also be intrigued by his unconventional method of painting in watercolour from dark to light. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced artist who is looking for new ways of working, you will benefit from Kevin's vast experience, both as a tutor, artist and designer.

Kevin Dean

8th June - 15th June 2019


6th July - 13th July 2019


Robert Dutton - Artist

Drawing, charcoal, watercolour, pastels, oil pastels, acrylics, acrylic inks and gouache

The principal aim of your art holiday with Robert is to teach you to be more exploratory with your mark making and media - often combining several together to create richly layered paintings that evoke and engage with a scene rather than just ‘depict it’ in a purely representational style. First and foremost Robert is a plein air painter, gathering information in the landscape by direct contact with it to then later finish chosen pieces in the studio that are filled with energy and life as a result.
Robert will teach you each day with relaxed, patient and expert guidance how to look, see and paint stronger compositions which will make you altogether better artists, regardless of your ability. Robert also believes that drawing is a core skill with which every artist uses effectively to express their artistic flare. As such you will learn through group and one to one mentoring how to strengthen your drawing through ‘painting with colour’ and expressively drawing with pastel (his principal media for which he has won many prestigious awards), so you’ll learn how to be looser and more expressive with your painting style on this exciting holiday with Robert!
Robert believes that drawing is a core skill with which every artist uses effectively to express their artistic flare. As such Robert will teach you how to strengthen your drawing through ‘drawing with colour’ with a loaded brush full of colourful pigment or with pastel - his principal media for which he has won many prestigious awards so you’ll love learning how to be looser and more expressive with your painting style on this exciting holiday with Robert!

Robert Dutton

22nd - 29jn June 2019


Caroline James

Acrylics, oils and pastels

Mark Warner is a practicing artist and ‘plein air’ tutor based in Shropshire, UK. Sketching is at the heart of his work. This is integral to the development of a piece and can indeed form part of the painting itself. Mark draws inspiration from the landscape, although subject matter and application at times can be very different.
He adores using colour and line while interpreting the light, weather conditions and a love for the materials. He works directly in the field (literally on many occasions!) from sketches created outside as well as notes and photographs taken on location. This is then developed back in the studio. Mark has numerous works in private collections and has exhibited widely in both England and Wales.
His course in the Périgord Limousin region of South West France will focus on aspects of colour, line and composition. With a relaxed yet informative manner, Mark will demonstrate how not to be afraid of using colour in the landscape and how drawing and sketching can inform and further your ‘plein air’ painting. Sketch book work coupled with regular 1 to 1 tuition, will help you develop your personal style. You will have fun experimenting with techniques and processes during a productive and relaxing week in a truly fantastic location.

Mark Warner

20th - 27th July 2019


Angela Corben - Artist

Oils, watercolours, acrylics and pastels

On this course Angela will aim to communicate the mood of the place and subject through using light and colour and simplicity of brushstrokes. She will aim to sketch and paint outdoors whenever possible, which will give a directness and impulsiveness to the painting due to the need to paint quickly, energised by heightened emotions, and the need to trust your instincts. Angela’s art work is fundamentally about expressing her passionate love of and connection to nature. As a tutor, she is empathetic, kind, and enthusiastic. Her multi-disciplinary background enables her to tailor her teaching to suit an individual’s experience level, and personal thought process. Her teaching style is very practical, simplifying a complex subject into manageable stages whilst always allowing room for individuality.
Anglela may give demonstrations/tutorials in the evening before the visit, however she loves to demonstrate on location, as time and weather permits, then set out to put that idea into practice.
She is flexible and adaptable, and passionate in encouraging personal expression, so there is always room for improvisation.
Her preferred media are acrylic or watercolours, and she tries to demonstrate using 2-different media at some point so that she accommodaties different approaches. She is also proficient in pen and wash, and watercolour pencils and water based oils.
Kind and encouraging, Angela ensures that she makes time to give each of you one to one help whilst on location.

Angela Corben

31st August - 7th Septmeber 2018


painting holidays in france